Lying west of Dar es Salaam, the Udzungwa Mountains rise up steeply from the edge of Selous, Vervet Monkeys play in the forest canopy, and small antelope can be viewed at the right time. Botanical diversity is exceptional, and the park is host to a large number of endangered bird species. The … Continue reading


Part of the Eastern Arc range in north-eastern Tanzania, the remote Pare Mountains are extremely rewarding to the avid trekker searching for hiking trails off the beaten path. Home to the Pare people, agriculturalists and pastorialist who have largely retained their traditional way of life, a hike … Continue reading


Just a few hours drive from Arusha, the Monduli Mountains make a lovely day trip or can be part of a longer hiking itinerary. Maasai pastoralists herd their cattle along the slopes and culture tourism programmes give visitors the opportunity to learn about traditional medicines and local Maasai … Continue reading


Overlooking Lake Natron and the bushland of Kenya to the north, Ol Donyo Lengai, which means 'the home of God' in Maasai, is an active volcano and one of Tanzania's most spectacular and undiscovered climbs. The volcano erupts sporadically, sending streams of grey lava down the crater rim and … Continue reading


Remotely located on somewhat bumpy tracks 200 km south-west of Arusha, Mt Hanang's extinct volcanic crater makes for a stunning feature above the undulating plains. The two-day climb takes trekkers through numerous tribal areas, including the land of the semi-nomadic Barabaig, recognizable by their … Continue reading