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CCS -Tanzania Cultural ExperiencesCCS -Tanzania Cultural Experiences
Cross-Cultrual Solutions. Karanga, Tanzania, Summer 2010. Miscellaneous non-vounteering experiences.


Experience Tanzanian Culture w/ Msafiri Zawose!Experience Tanzanian Culture w/ Msafiri Zawose!
A short video about the workshops, camps, and residencies on African music, singing and dance by Msafiri Zawose in 2012. for more info: www.msafirizawose.wordpress.com Copyright APF Tanzania


Volunteer in Tanzania, Africa with Cross-Cultural SolutionsVolunteer in Tanzania, Africa with Cross-Cultural Solutions
www.crossculturalsolutions.org As a volunteer in Tanzania with Cross-Cultural Solutions you enjoy Africa’s greatest sights including Mount Kilimanjaro. You will experience the warmth of Tanzanian people as you enjoy new friends, new challenges, and new perspectives on life in Tanzania. If you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in the local culture, this is the experience you’re looking for.


Tanzania showcases music and culture at NY Times Travel Show 2009Tanzania showcases music and culture at NY Times Travel Show 2009
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Maasai CultureMaasai Culture
The Maasai are a tribal group of known for their tall stature, signature red clothing, and highly energetic and athletic style of dancing. Both Tanzanian and Kenyan government have encouraged abandonment of the traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle, but they have successfully maintained many age-old customs. Distributed by Tube Mogul. explore™ (explore.org) is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others.


About Tanzania With such a perfect Location, perched on the edge of the African continent, and facing the Indian Ocean, Tanzania’s weather and climate leaves nothing to be desired. Warm and sunny days are followed by cool and balmy nights, and whether you’re on safari on the Serengeti plains or enjoying the tropical beaches of Zanzibar, the temperatures are always welcoming and gentle. Consult Weather and Climate to find out when the best times to visit are, and learn more about the monsoon winds and seasonal rains. But sun-filled and beautiful days are not all that Tanzania has to offer. On the contrary, the country’s borders hold a vast number of people and tribes whose varied cultures and traditions make up the rich tapestry that is Tanzanian culture. Read on to learn more about the Masaai culture and the customs of the . Although Tanzania is a country rich in culture and traditions, it’s history is also one of treasured heritage and pride. From the early days of mankind’s history, man has called the land of Tanzania home – its verdant mountains, its scrubland plains. Find out more about our country’s rich history, from the arrival of merchants and traders on the to the peaceful political climate that exists today. Tanzanians enjoy a climate of freedom and peace in our daily lives, and value community and togetherness very highly. Religion is an expression of community and culture, and one that binds us all as citizens to our country and to


Maasai Village (Boma) - TanzaniaMaasai Village (Boma) – Tanzania
Travel Africa and experience the lifestyle and culture in a Maasai Village (Boma) near Duka Bovu in Tanzania, Africa.


Culture Musical Club in ZanzibarCulture Musical Club in Zanzibar
After negotiating with with the Secretary General, the Treasurer and some other Members of the Board of the famous Culture Music Club in Zanzibar, we were able to listen to one of the most beautiful concerts this ethnomusicology nut has every heard. Part of a blog post about rushing to find Taarab in Zanzibar just before Ramadan on gangsofparis.wordpress.com