News and Events
Weddings and Honeymoons
April 16, 2018 Activities
A dream wedding can become reality in Tanzania, and the many options available ensure that every aspect of the big day is perfect. Conduct the ceremony overlooking some of the worlds most famous and b Read More
Film and Filming
May 4, 2018 Activities
Tanzania has long been a perfect location for filming the perfect African scene, and it has hosted its fair share of film crews. The safari for the 1950 film version of H Rider Haggard’s King Solomo Read More
Conference Tourism
Conference tourism is a booming industry in Tanzania, with groups wanting to take advantage of the full range of facilities on offer and to tour the country’s spectacular sites once their work is do Read More
Diving and Fishing
For both diving and fishing, Tanzania provides a magical experience. For the Diver. crystal clear tropical water, unspoilt corals. shoals of fish darting through the reefs, sea turtles gliding through Read More
Water Sports
BLUE SAFARISThe soft chug of an outboard engine, or the whispering flap of a canvas sail; the so-called ‘blue safaris’ in Tanzania are a tranquil and relaxing way to watch wildlife, enjoy snorkel Read More
Swahili Coast
Swahili means ‘coastal’ in Arabic, and the Swahili coast refers to Tanzania’s coastline and islands, a beautiful and historic region rich in history, natural beauty, art and culture. Ancient Gre Read More
Why Tanzania
Tanzania represents, and contains, every part of Africa. It is Africa’s land of contrasts. From the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro to the endless plains of the Serengeti, from the sun-kissed is Read More
In addition to the wealth of stunning natural attractions, Tanzania has towns and cities that make vibrant and fascinating stops, with plenty to see and do.Tanzania’s past as a major trading ro Read More
The Usambara Mountains are part of the Eastern Arc chain in the north-eastern part of the country. Their western and eastern ranges are divided by a 4 km wide valley of small villages and farms, and h Read More
Overlooking the agricultural area around Morogoro, the Uluguru Mountains are part of the Eastern Arc range and are named after the Luguru people, a matrilinear group that farms on its verdant slopes. Read More
May 7, 2018 Attractions
Lying west of Dar es Salaam, the Udzungwa Mountains rise up steeply from the edge of Selous, Vervet Monkeys play in the forest canopy, and small antelope can be viewed at the right time. Botanical div Read More
Part of the Eastern Arc range in north-eastern Tanzania, the remote Pare Mountains are extremely rewarding to the avid trekker searching for hiking trails off the beaten path. Home to the Pare people, Read More
Just a few hours drive from Arusha, the Monduli Mountains make a lovely day trip or can be part of a longer hiking itinerary. Maasai pastoralists herd their cattle along the slopes and culture tourism Read More
Overlooking Lake Natron and the bushland of Kenya to the north, Ol Donyo Lengai, which means ‘the home of God’ in Maasai, is an active volcano and one of Tanzania’s most spectacular Read More
Remotely located on somewhat bumpy tracks 200 km south-west of Arusha, Mt Hanang’s extinct volcanic crater makes for a stunning feature above the undulating plains. The two-day climb takes trekk Read More