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May 7, 2018 Attractions
The Livingstone Mountains are a low-altitude chain that borders Lake Nyasa. Remote and difficult to reach, climbing is largely uncharted and for the most part the area remains unexplored by hikers.Sh Read More
Stretching from the Taita Hills of southern Kenya to the southern highlands of Tanzania, the Eastern Arc Mountain Range has some of the oldest geological activity on the continent. Estimated to be at Read More
Rising up from the floors of the Rift Valley, the Crater Highlands form a lush chain of mountains and volcanoes that includes the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the surrounding Maasai tribal lands. Read More
The dramatic crater of Mt Meru is often neglected in favor of its famous neighbor to the east, but a visit to this spectacular mountain, located within Arusha National Park, is an unforgettable experi Read More
Above the gently rolling hills and plateau of northern Tanzania rise the snowy peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro, its slopes and glaciers shimmering above the rising clouds. Kilimanjaro is located near the town Read More
The bustling town of Kigoma is the regional capital of western Tanzania and a central port in the area. Located on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma is surrounded by rugged mountains and f Read More
May 6, 2018 Cities,Destinations
Located in the southern highlands of Tanzania, south of the country’s legislative capital, Dodoma, and southwest of the agricultural center of Morogoro, Iringa is a pleasant small town and a loc Read More
Located in the heartland of Tanzania, Dodoma is the nation’s official political capital and the seat of government in the country. Comparably much smaller and less developed than the countryR Read More
Nestled at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro, Moshi is the coffee-producing center of the country. Vast plantations of coffee blanket the area, surrounding the town and rising up the slopes of Kilimanjaro. C Read More
Near the Zambian border deep in the southern highlands, the city of Mbeya is the major agricultural capital in the country’s southwest region. The Mbeya Mountain Range lies to the north, and the Read More
The bustling port of Tanga is Tanzania’s second port after the urban center of Dar es Salaam. Although the port is a center of marine export, import, and trade, the town of Tanga still has a qui Read More
The sleepy town of Tabora, in the hinterland of western Tanzania, remains a key transit point in the country. The Central Line railway branches at Tabora to both Kigoma and Mwanza, and visitors travel Read More
Zanzibar’s old quarter, also known as Zanzibar Town, is a fascinating maze of narrow streets and alleyways which lead past numerous old houses and mosques, ornate palaces, shops and bazaars. Man Read More
Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest city and its economic capital. Located in a quiet bay off the Indian Ocean coast, the city has grown in economic importance to become a prosperous center in t Read More
These days, Bagamoyo is a center for dhow sailboat building on the Tanzanian coast. A quiet village with a few German colonial buildings still standing, it was once one of the most important trading p Read More